Sterckeman / Comparator
Model Starlett 490PE Kid'sStarlett 480CP
Overall Length ( m )6,76,7
External body length ( m )5,635,63
Overall Length ( m )55
Overall height (m)2,582,58
Internal height ( m )1,951,95
Overall width ( m )2,32,3
Internal width ( m )2,152,15
Empty weight ( Kg.)1010945
Mass in running order ( Kg. ) +/-5%1027962
Maxi authorised weight (Kg.)1170/13001100/1200/1300
Available payload for options53/18368/168/268
Awning Length (m) +/- 5%9,479,47
Technical payload increase KGO (1600kg)O (1500kg)
Shockabsorbers (3 Kg. )OO
ALKO Safety coupling ( 3 Kg. )OO
Heavy duty corner steadies (6 Kg. )OO
Alloy wheelsOO
Spare wheel in gas lockerOO
A-frame cover (2kg)OO
Ext. storage access( 100x40 cm )O (100x40) S (garage 100x64)O
Climatiseur (30kg)OO
White GRP side-panelsOO
TRUMATIC 3004 GasheaterOO
Blown air heating 12VOO
Trumatic water heater 5LOO
entrance mosquito net complete door ( 3 Kg. )OO
Skylight 70x50 (cm )OO
Superior upholsteryOO
Waste water tank 30L (wheeled)OO
Shower with flexible hoseOO
Bed gas strutO
Leisure Battery preparation ( 2 Kg. )OO
Longer corner-steadies
Wheel trims
Awning light
Opening windows66
Front windowO
Curved ABS front with rounded front-window and integrated gas locker
ABS front gas locker
GRP Roof
Leisure Air-conditioning preparation
Combined blinds & fly nets
TV-preparation ( socket and cable )
Stainless steel sink & 3 burners
Compressor refrigerator XL Freeze 150LO
Fresh water tank 25L
Electrical Thetford cassette toilet
Shower tray
Dimensions front bed ( cm )140x210150x200
Dimensions centre bed ( cm )130x170
Dimensions rear bed ( cm )(75x210)x2106/120x210
Slatted bed bases
Comfort matrasses 12cm
Transformer / charger module 230V/12V including ground fault circuit breaker
Sockets 230V54
Touring Pack11
Sporting Pack11
Ultra heatO
Electrical floor heating ( 5 Kg. )O
Refrigerator 85L